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Web Boot

Welcome to the SliTaz GNU/Linux iPXE boot host; allows you to boot SliTaz from the Web using a cdrom, USB media or a floppy disk.

Quick Download: slitaz-boot.iso

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Boot your operating system from the internet and enjoy a full system working entirely in RAM with speed and stability in mind. The Linux Kernel and the complete SliTaz compressed root filesystem will be loaded into RAM from the Web using PXE and HTTP protocols.

Short guide

To boot from the internet you'll need a working DHCP server, DNS server/cache and a default internet route. This is usually the case if you have a router for network connection.

Boot time

The boot time largely depends on your network connection. With a 1 Mb/s connection in France, it takes 5 min. If you want, you can report the boot time on the Mailing list or the Forum.